Elizabeth Borelli
High Impact Communications Strategist

The Borelli Group delivers neuroscience-backed Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) behavioral strategies to build greater trust and connectivity in teams and organizations.

We’re passionate about partnering with clients to assess challenges, set goals and deliver the right solutions using proprietary programs to create measurable, lasting results.

Founder Elizabeth Borelli combines a deep understanding of conversational intelligence with 15+ years of experience in strategic communications, culture and team building.

Her highly interactive presentations offer simple solutions for engaging employees toward effectively building a high-trust, high-performance workplace.

“We participate in numerous conversations every day and research shows that 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark.  As a certified C-IQ coach, I address the challenges that lead to misunderstanding, lack of cooperation and low employee engagement”

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) principles and practices enable leaders and organizations to bridge the communications gap to creating trust and building engagement. Workshop participants learn neuroscience-backed guidelines for communicating, listening and follow through to build better interpersonal skills and achieve more positive outcomes.

Featured Key Note and Workshop Titles

  • The Neurochemistry of Conversations; the science behind the behavior reveals how different conversations activate neurochemicals and networks, paving the way for better communication
  • High impact communication; Communication and active listening techniques for building trust, cooperation and the buy-in we need for achieving the right results.
“Elizabeth creates easy-to-understand training materials and a dynamic, engaging learning environment. Her practical approach and style create a springboard for change.”

-Grace Gamboa, Community Curator, NextSpace Coworking and Innovation

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