Communication on Purpose

Helping leaders and organizations bridge the communications gap to building trust, transforming culture and optimizing performance

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Are you getting the results you want from your team?

In its 2016 global CEO survey, PwC reported 55% of CEOs cite lack of trust as a threat to organizational growth.

Using Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) strategies to build trust and engagement, I partner with clients to assess challenges, set goals and deliver the right solutions to create measurable, lasting results.

From Lunch and Learns to interactive workshops, my clients develop the skills and framework to communicate effectively, influence strategically and reach performance goals;

• Close the communication gap using simple neuroscience-based strategies to help your diverse workforce to communicate more effectively, resulting in less stress, fewer conflicts and greater productivity.

• Enable employees to learn new methods for reaching their goals, improving both job satisfaction and performance metrics.

• Develop custom solutions to potential challenges and organizational roadblocks that keep your team from maximum performance

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Business leaders face seemingly endless challenges when it comes to managing people.   Rates of disengagement remain high while retention rates seem to be dropping simultaneously in today’s competitive environment.  Frequently, challenges stem from company culture, where employees either feel stifled, under-appreciated or unmotivated. “I feel that my work is meaningful […]