Closing the Gap to a Culture of Trust

A case study reveals how one high volume real estate firm used Conversational Intelligence to tools to achieve high impact results For those of us who work with others (the 99.9% let’s say), good communication is critical to getting the job done. Yet according to relationship expert Stan Tatkin PsyD, […]

Bridging the Gap to a High-Trust Workplace

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs on the relationship between trust and success. It was a yet untested version of my regular talk, tailored to this audience to focus on more business development than team building. Despite my comfort level with the topic, I […]

Social Capital; 3 Steps to a High Performance Culture

The latest in leadership theory tells us a workplace built around a robust interpersonal network is critical to employee engagement, creativity and ultimately, to your company’s bottom line. As leaders, we may know this intuitively. But theory is one thing, while finding a workable alternative to the communication breakdowns commonly […]