Derailing Team Drama; Neuroscience-backed Tips for Optimizing Performance

How do the most promising projects suddenly careen into chaos, leaving you wondering what the #&% just happened!? New insights in behavioral neuroscience show us how team dynamics are highly vulnerable to threats of misunderstanding, miscommunication and downright conflict, leaving leaders too distracted by drama to focus on successful implementation. […]

Interview with Culture Labx founder Josh Levine

Business trends tend to come and go like pop songs, so it’s tempting to hear the recent emphasis on culture as another one of those buzz words, a millennial version of “Who Moved my Cheese?”. It’s equally tempting to ignore it, especially when the expected outcome is often unclear. More […]

Building a Team of Superstars? Begin with the Basics

What do employee engagement, employee retention and productivity all have in common?  They’re each driven by the quality of the interpersonal dynamics that make up your workplace.  And this matters, because each of these factors directly impacts your company’s bottom line. What then, constitutes a culture of “quality interpersonal dynamics”? […]

Tired of employee motivational programs that fail? Try these 3 simple tips for success

Borelli Group - Blog Post

Business leaders face seemingly endless challenges when it comes to managing people.   Rates of disengagement remain high while retention rates seem to be dropping simultaneously in today’s competitive environment.  Frequently, challenges stem from company culture, where employees either feel stifled, under-appreciated or unmotivated. “I feel that my work is meaningful […]