About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Borelli
Founder, The Borelli Group

Team Building | Training Retention | Collaboration | Positive Communication | Culture

Are you challenged with motivating employees or clients to adopt best-practices, or to meet goals or benchmarks because they’re not reaching the level of change or improvement you know is possible?

Elizabeth Borelli, founder, leverages her years of change management expertise to accurately assess your workforce, strategize solutions and implement a customized program designed to bring measurable results, long term.

Over the course of years of research and experience in working with teams in organizations as diverse as VNAs, real estate agencies and manufacturing organizations, Elizabeth’s custom-made, solutions-oriented approach has continuously proven successful in helping people reach performance goals by creating the right framework and programs to support lasting change.

Elizabeth received her BA in Psychology from Eastern Connecticut State University and has earned numerous advanced educational certificates from Universities from Rockwood Leadership Institute to Cornell.   She is an award-winning author, dynamic speaker, a certified Welcoa Workplace Wellness Expert and Rockwood Certified Leader.

To learn more about how to improve your team’s performance through proven strategy and training email info@theborelligroup.com or call (831) 247 4290. Get started today!