Communication on Purpose

Helping leaders and organizations bridge the communications gap to building trust, transforming culture and optimizing performance

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Are you getting the results you want from your team?

In its 2016 global CEO survey, PwC reported 55% of CEOs cite lack of trust as a threat to organizational growth.

Using Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) strategies to build trust and engagement, I partner with clients to assess challenges, set goals and deliver the right solutions to create measurable, lasting results.

From Lunch and Learns to interactive workshops, my clients develop the skills and framework to communicate effectively, influence strategically and reach performance goals;

• Close the communication gap using simple neuroscience-based strategies to help your diverse workforce to communicate more effectively, resulting in less stress, fewer conflicts and greater productivity.

• Enable employees to learn new methods for reaching their goals, improving both job satisfaction and performance metrics.

• Develop custom solutions to potential challenges and organizational roadblocks that keep your team from maximum performance

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Closing the Gap to a Culture of Trust

A case study reveals how one high volume real estate firm used Conversational Intelligence to tools to achieve high impact results For those of us who work with others (the 99.9% let’s say), good communication is critical to getting the job done. Yet according to relationship expert Stan Tatkin PsyD, […]

Bridging the Gap to a High-Trust Workplace

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs on the relationship between trust and success. It was a yet untested version of my regular talk, tailored to this audience to focus on more business development than team building. Despite my comfort level with the topic, I […]

Social Capital; 3 Steps to a High Performance Culture

The latest in leadership theory tells us a workplace built around a robust interpersonal network is critical to employee engagement, creativity and ultimately, to your company’s bottom line. As leaders, we may know this intuitively. But theory is one thing, while finding a workable alternative to the communication breakdowns commonly […]

Derailing Team Drama; Neuroscience-backed Tips for Optimizing Performance

How do the most promising projects suddenly careen into chaos, leaving you wondering what the #&% just happened!? New insights in behavioral neuroscience show us how team dynamics are highly vulnerable to threats of misunderstanding, miscommunication and downright conflict, leaving leaders too distracted by drama to focus on successful implementation. […]

Interview with Culture Labx founder Josh Levine

Business trends tend to come and go like pop songs, so it’s tempting to hear the recent emphasis on culture as another one of those buzz words, a millennial version of “Who Moved my Cheese?”. It’s equally tempting to ignore it, especially when the expected outcome is often unclear. More […]

Building a Team of Superstars? Begin with the Basics

What do employee engagement, employee retention and productivity all have in common?  They’re each driven by the quality of the interpersonal dynamics that make up your workplace.  And this matters, because each of these factors directly impacts your company’s bottom line. What then, constitutes a culture of “quality interpersonal dynamics”? […]